Learn HTML for Website Designer

We have already gone through some basic aspects of HTML like some tags etc. In this article, we will try to learn some more tags that are important. 
1.	This is a link This tag is used to create links. For navigation inside and outside website, HREF tag is used widely. 
2.	Website Creator Bangalore Through img tag image in inserted inside web page. You can manage height and width of the image through HTML tag or CSS can be also used. 
this tag is used for line break. If it is put anywhere in between sentence then sentence will break to next line. 4. Style: this is not a tag but still very important. It works as attribute of various tags in which various properties can be used. Example: You should always remember tag, attribute and properties. These three are related to each other. Tag is used to define a section of web page, attribute is to activate particular type of property while attributes can be used to select any particular property. In above example, we have opted for background color. To know more about any other aspect of website designing and development, you can go through various blogs that we have created in this website.
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