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What is HTML?

HTML stands for hyper text markup language. Markup language means styling of various components and leaving codes behind after processing.

Which one is the latest version of HTML?

HTML 5 is the latest. With new updates in version, new tags come up. HTML is getting better with every update.

How many tags are present in HTML 5?

Total number of tags are near 100 but hardly 25-30 are often used in designing website.

In first tutorial, note down following points and elaboration of some tags:

  • Every HTML document starts with
  • Whole code of HTML document supposed to within ….
  • this is container of meta data. Component does not come directly on the page rather it stays behind the page.
  • is the main part where all components visible on web page are written.
  • these are the heading tags used for website design.
  • and

    tags are also quite common.

    used for the paragraph while

    for division.

A sample of HTML Code is as below:

Page Title

This is a Heading

This is a paragraph.

Its output will be as below:

This is a Heading

This is a paragraph.

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