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How to Start Web Development Using PHP? Learn PHP from beginning.

PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor. This is actually a server scripting language and free tool to make dynamic web pages. PHP is the most used technology for dynamic websites creation in the world. All scripts are executed on server. If you are a beginner in this field then I would suggest to first get sharp in HTML, CSS and Javascript else it will be tough job to go through.

For HTML: http://www.w3schools.com/html/default.asp For CSS: http://www.w3schools.com/css/default.asp For JavaScript: http://www.w3schools.com/js/default.asp

Things are very well explained for candidates who are beginning in HTML, CSS etc. PHP codes are always executed on servers and result is shown in browser. PHP can perform many different functionalities namely dynamic page generation, various operations on server, data collection, cookies management, database updates, user control management, data encryption and decryption etc. With help of PHP, many different types of output are possible. PHP is compatible with all available operating systems namely Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac etc. PHP is also compatible with various servers which are in use nowadays. Apache, IIS and all other leading servers work with PHP. Various databases are also supported with this scripting technology. Official website is http://www.php.net

What is requirement before you can start with PHP?

There is nothing complex with PHP. You can easily find a host that will support both PHP and MYSQL. Get your system ready with web server, PHP and database installed properly.

How does PHP syntax works?

PHP starts with . You will have to save all PHP files with extension .php as we do .htm for HTML pages. Echo is used for output or show values, it is same like COUT of C++. Example:

Here is first coding for “web development” tutorial with EorbSolutions

You can execute this code if you have server installed.

Comments and their importance in PHP based development: These are actually simple sentences which are written so that coding parts can be understood. These sentences are for human not for server. Comments can be inserted using different ways. //, #, /* etc can be used for commenting. There can be single line as well as multiple line comments.

In PHP, nothing is case sensitive except name of variables. You can declare variables in PHP starting with $ sign. Example:

Further these values of variable can be used as per demand of program wherever needed. There are certain constraints in the declaration of variable names. Checklist will be as given below:

• Variable can start only with $ sign. • After $, it must be any letter or underscore. • Number cannot be used for variable to begin with. • Variable names are always case sensitive so be conscious while using them. One small mistake can bring errors in program.

PHP automatically deals with data type declaration while in other languages like C++ etc you need to declare data type along with data value. Variables can be of three types in PHP namely global, local and static. Local works within a function while Global works out of function also.

Check example here: here is: $x

"; } myfirstfunction(); echo "

Here is the real value: $x

"; ?> Array $Globals can be used for the variables. Static keywords are used in case you want value of variable to be available after execution of program. Echo and print statements are used to output values in PHP. They are almost same except print This is how to use echo? I am Joomla web developerh2>"; echo "Hi Bangalore!
"; echo "I will be one of the finest website developer one day!
"; ?> Now let us come to print statement: For me, PHP is going to be easy"; print "I am in Bangalore East
"; print "Examine your test for web development?"; ?> Now let us move to the data types in PHP. PHP supports data types which are string, integer, float, Object, Null, Resource, Boolean, Array. String: As clear by name this is collection of characters. Example: "; echo $b; ?> Integer can be any number that is not in decimal. This var_dump is very important because here it will return value. Floating point: this is the number in decimal or exponential. Let us now move to the functions which are used to measure length of string. Coding will be as below: str_word_count is used to count number of words in string. If you want to reverse characters of string then use strrev. For more information http://www.w3schools.com/php/default.asp For more information: http://www.eorbsolutions.com/

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