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PERL is general purpose dynamic programming language. PERL stands of practical extraction and reporting language. Language has been developed by larry wall. From that time, language has gone for various changes. PERL has many features which are supposed to be inherited from the C, AWK etc. This language got popularity in the late 90s. String parsing ability is considered as the most important feature of this language.

PERL has been also used for various research based programs especially in the field of biomedical researches. This language is more than 30 years old but still long way to go. Latest release is 5.22.1 which was in January 2016. This is a cross platform compatible so no problem in using across various online platforms. Official website is www.perl.org. Lary Wall was earlier working with the Unisys company and from there he started this language.

He release first version of language in December 1987. PERL 2 cam in 1988 and then after PERL 3 in year 1989 which was based on the binary data system. CAMEL BOOK is associated with this language, which had gained wide popularity across globe. PERL 4 was supposed to carry numerous bugs so various improved versions have also come. PERL 5 came in October 1994. PERL 5 was like a revolution in the field of programming languages because here various features have been embedded namely: objects, references, lexical analytics, modules etc. Core interpreter was totally different at this stage.

PERL builtins came into existence with version 5.002. In October 1995, Comprehensive PERL archive network has been settled to serve platform as central repository. You will get amaze to know that today this language has more than 150,986 modules and 250+ different centers across the world. Here is a sample of PERL coding which counts time:

#!/user/root/perl use strictly; use complaints; use IO::Handles; my ( $rest, $complete ); $remaining = $complete = shift(@ABC); STDOUT->autoflush(1); while ( $rest ) { printf ( "All %s/%s \r", $remaining--, $total ); sleep 1; } print "\n"; For more information: http://www.eorbsolutions.com/

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