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Latest version of Joomla is 3.4. New release that will be 3.5 expected in next couple of days. This article is for people who have less experience with programming language and want to develop small website. Joomla is that easy that it can be considered like an operating system. You can install Joomla either on the local host or server host. It is free to use.

Joomla is actually quite easy because here you will not find any sort of coding. You are going to work only on the drag and drop system and button placement. Here I will discuss some of the basic block buildings for the Joomla:

  • Template: this is for the layout or appearance of the website. This is method for integration of the content and modules. A visitor to website recognizes it through the template being used. Here look and appearance is controlled.
  • Categories: proper categorization and placement of pages are done here. This is quite simple to go for categories as it has been just drag and drop. Organized content is important for proper website. Organizational hierarchy of website is controlled over here.
  • Articles: these are core content of website or you can say, here you will arrange all contents whatever you want to have on the website?
  • Menus: here the navigation part is controlled for website.
  • Modules: these are core extensions control various applications in the Joomla. Here functionality comes in the picture which is very crucial.

Template is the most important part in the Joomla web development because overall structure is controlled from here. There exists a back end as well as front end template to control CSS, navigation, menus, modules and components etc. When you will install Joomla then you will find numerous templates, some of which can be free while some can be paid. Nowadays website must be responsive because most of surfing is shifting towards mobile rather than computer system.

Is template mandatory for Joomla?

It is all about structure and functionality of website. Joomla, Wordpress and some other platforms work on the base of templates rather than coding right from the header. It would be not wrong to say that these platforms are ready made and can be installed and started within few minutes.

These platforms especially Joomla offers wide range of customization. Real power of Joomla is easy customization options, which can be used even by layman. Customization of header, footer, body, color, font, appearance etc can be done quite easily. Even if you don’t understand cascading style sheet, still Joomla’s door is open for you. You also have option to customize different pages differently.

Layout is primarily intended to deliver content to viewers. You can manage advertisement banners, menus, page content etc as per your requirements. You can easily change color schemes of the website without mush hassle through direct option as there is no need to go for CSS. AJAX can be also used in the overall application. There is an option inside through which web pages can be displayed differently for different browsers.

How to change templates? Go on the extension and select templates. You need to be logged in as super administrator only then you will show all available options. If you want to assign more than one template for front page then go for extensions and then template manager.

Menu management is also important from appearance point of view. Go to menus and then click on menu name. When you will install new theme then you will get some common options which will be 1. Installation from website. 2. Uploading template for packaged file. 3. Installation from directory 4. URL or web based installation. You can also verify website through FTP or Cpanel, which is quite easy. If you are uploading through file transfer protocol then go for /path_to_joomla/templates/ else it may not work properly.

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