Read to Understand Future of Website Designers

Nowadays numerous readymade platforms have come up through which websites can be created in few minutes. In this article, we will analyze all aspects that are concerned with new job and impact of automatic website builder. There are numerous names through which websites can be created as listed below:

  • WIX
  • Weebly
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Volusion

Most of these platforms are paid and you need to pay some monthly rental to park your website. When you opt for these platforms then it comes with a website builder through which you can make website quite easily. There will be no requirement to know HTML, CSS etc. You need to drop and drag various elements on web page to create complete page.

How these platforms impact website designer jobs?

These platforms are mostly originated in western countries and popular all across the globe so there is nothing especial for Bangalore. Main problem is, these platforms are vanishing jobs of website designer and developers. Impact is visible in Bangalore and entire world.

This way only company that has created platform takes advantages while with manual coding, space for new job gets created. In coming time, we may see surge in this type of platforms so there will be more automation. For more information about any topic of website design or development, check our blogs or contact our team.

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