List of HTML Editors

In Year 2020, there are some new names among software for HTML and CSS editing as well as few old names popular among designers. Editing can be done by notepad too but with especially made software tools, work becomes quite easy. One small error changes meaning of entire code and with help of special tools, you can check where is the error point?

Why HTML editor is important for website developer and designer?

This software program works for both beginners as well as experienced developers. Some common functions are:

  • 1. Syntax highlighting
  • 2. Inserting common HTML tags
  • 3. Auto insertion

With help of HTML editor, one can write clear and error free codes. Suppose you are writing <> tag and forget to close by then editor will notify you.

Classify Website Design Editors based on way they operate:

There are two types of editors available:

  • 1. WYSIWYG: its full form is what you see is what you get. You do not need to have HTML knowledge, simply write text or insert media and back end codes will be picked automatically.
  • 2. Textual HTML editor: to design or edit any page, you should have knowledge of hyper text markup language.

List of Popular Editors for HTML Designers:

  • 1. Notepad++: this free tool is developed for Windows. In this tool, third party plugins are also supported. This is light and easy to run on any system, even on mobile it works fine. It supports numerous languages namely CSS, Visual Basic etc. Developer can personalize this tool also.
  • 2. Adobe Dreamweaver: name of Adobe is enough in the field of technology. It is a premium tool with multiple features. It works on both ends of coding so there should be no hassle for server side work. It supports all major programming language.

Apart from these two, there are many other HTML design editors available. To know more about website design and development, you can go through our blogs.

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