Website Creator Beginner

World is getting more digital with time so requirement for website and mobile apps is surging. From last 20 years, website designers have been safe career and it will continue in same fashion because of demand of various digital products.

Is there any course required to become a web designer?

In reality, there is no mandatory course. You need to learn HTML, CSS, Java Script to become a designer.

How can I learn HTML, CSS?

Either go for any course in your city or there are numerous online course also available. Simply search web design training in Bangalore and many websites will pop up in Google.

How much time required to learn HTML, CSS, Java Script?

You need to learn 2-3 weeks hardly. In this type of work, practice is more important than anything else.

What are ways to earn after learning website designing?

You will be having opportunity to work with companies or start as a freelancer. In beginning, we would suggest to start job as trainee. If you will miss anything then there will be someone to teach in company. Trainee level job is actually a learning opportunity for people. In Bangalore, it is not a tough job to search for a small job of website creation.

Are automatic website builders acquiring space of HTML / CSS?

Very hard to say yes or no about this subject. Earlier there was only one option to create website HTML, CSS. Nowadays various website builders have come up. One needs to pay monthly rental to these platforms and there will be drop and drag based website creation.

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