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India stands number 1 in software exports in the world. China and Malaysia stand at number 2 and 3. If we consider Bangalore’s total IT export then it is nearly US$ 45 billion in year 2020, which is 45 percent of India’s total.

In Bangalore, there will be 0 struggle to hire any website developer or designer. This is the city where maximum number of engineering colleges exists so there is no issue of manpower. People from all across the country also come to Bangalore in search of IT sector job. Numerous big companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft etc are present in city along with hundreds of small companies.

Steps to Hire a Website Creator in Bangalore city:

  • 1. Simply post requirement on any classified website and there will be hundreds of applications because India is home to maximum number of unemployed youth.
  • 2. Use any Freelancer Website: there are many where you can post your job as employer like Upwork,, etc. After successful posting, there will be many freelancers from whom you will receive applications.
  • 3. Contact any hiring agency: there are many in Bangalore especially near MG road, Church road, Benson Town, Fraser Town etc. They will charge little fees but they will give you candidates ASAP.
  • 4. Hire individuals: there are many website designers and developers from Bangalore who have their website or social media profile. Do Google search with related keywords and their profile will be before you.

We have shared some ways to reach web experts in city. Instead of freelancers, you can also hire any small or large scale company but it all depends on your budget. Creation of a simple HTML, CSS website is not a big deal and nowadays with help of CMS platforms, it can be done in minutes.

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