How to Create Website as per Google Guidelines

For any website to be successful, the most important aspect is its Google presence. If a website is grabbling plenty of traffic from Google or any other search engine then anything can be promoted using that website. In this blog, we will elaborate fine aspects that will help your website to be Google friendly.

  • 1. Make sure website is responsive: there is a Google’s tool that can be used to check responsiveness of any website. Make sure website score should be high on responsiveness because this is a factor in website’s ranking too.
  • 2. W3C Validation: there is an online tool through which website’s code can be validated. If there is any error in website coding then you can correct it easily after detection.
  • 3. Page Load Speed: again you can search on Google and there is a page load speed tool through which you can test how fast your website loads?
  • 4. Webmaster Tool or Google Search Console: this is the tool through which all errors of website can be detected. One can check robots.txt, sitemap.xml etc.

Overall there are various aspects that are concerned with any successful website. One can consider these 4 aspects as these are basic things to cover for any successful website.

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