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How a Brochure should be? Words from Gurus

Considering various fine pores of brochure designing, EORBSolution has come with the right solution. We have been the name behind catalogues of many reputed companies and institutions in Bangalore. We work with a vision to make brochures that reflects professional approach and creativity .The goal of a brochure is to engage and inform the reader quickly, so keep the design and content concise, visually appealing, and easy to understand.Creative Agency in Bangalore that uses a keen ability to turn imagination into results

How we have nourished brochures to take edge over others?

  • We first try to understand your market: this is extremely crucial that you should have understanding about people whom you are going to target. Ask you few questions like what you are going to sell? Why don’t they opt for any other seller? What are issues with your product or services, where things can divert? First get ready with answers of these questions and then proceed; otherwise it will be totally unplanned move. You can also make an online survey to read people’s mind for the business you are into.
  • Follow Marketing Concept: If you are a marketing guy then you would be already aware of AIDA formula. In case, you are not aware of this thing then let me elaborate it. A stands for “Action” I stands for “Interest” D for “Desire” and A stands for “Attention”. Write something or put any picture that can attract attention. Content should be potential enough to produce the factor of desire to know more. Call to action is extremely important and you must put this thing in brochure because these fine things are vital in catalyzing your business.
  • Consciously put pictures: it has been seen that sometime companies and institutions put a big picture on the cover of flyer, which is totally wrong approach. A buyer has no interest in any filthy picture, frame everything keeping buyers’ interest in consideration. Even tiny space on brochure is important so take care of this thing.
  • Approach should be to sell, not to tell: in the last ten years in designing industry, I have seen many brochures, which tell lot but there is no move to sell. People add extra wheels in motorbike not to drive easy but to prevent any accident.
  • Headings and required graphics are crucial: if you make a survey or read people’s behavior then one thing is quite clear that people scan brochure in few seconds. Keeping this thing in mind, you will have to create a brochure that should take attention of people. Keep headings like “Get Trained by Certified and Result Oriented Professionals” so that you can invoke people to read more.
  • Put Money Inside Pocket of Reader: this is the most common thing in marketing that you should give a sense of benefit to person who is analyzing your brochure. Use this technique right from the very beginning of the brochure so that person can keep reading.
  • Don’t write paragraphs: remember that you are creating brochures not books. Understand difference and write content mainly in the bullet. There should be no confusion in this thing; otherwise things may get deviated.
  • Ask for action: sometime people who are not aware of your service or product randomly comes to see your brochure. In those cases, you will have to tell people, what you want?
  • Give readers a reason to contact you for more: here you will have to put some marketing strategy by calling people for the action.
  • Put things through which people can respond easily: there are many available options especially Google plus link and contact number. These days, there is one more extremely effective option that is QR code. There are many other things, which you can put so as to connect with the people easily.
  • Minimize the risk factor for buyers: most of the sellers try to play safe and they produce problems for buyers which are totally wrong, your approach should be to bring ease for buyers. Offer some lucrative offers so that you can tempt a reader.

Bangalore Brochure Do’s and Don’ts

Bangalore is city where business things are extremely calculated. Over the years, many small and biog scale companies have come in city and they are doing quite good. Considering various fine things, people often get confused whenever you produce a complicated brochure. A perfect one can let your business to new height while improper can let your business to go on wrong track.

List of things to do:

  • Decide your goals in advance. Go for branding from beginning.
  • Think like a customer
  • Put your thought on the cover page
  • Use related and appealing images.
  • Use the best possible paper for printing, whenever anyone takes your brochure in hand then a feel should come.

Don’t do list:

  • Improper quality printing.
  • Don’t do any mistake in writing
  • Don’t make your brochure large in size or very small one.
  • Don’t follow guidelines of all, find the best prototype and go ahead.

Reason Why People Ignore Your Brochure?

  • They don’t find anything relevant or beneficial for them
  • Fail to WOW readers
  • Lengthy explanation.
  • Errors in brochure

You should never forget that apart from proper designing quality printing is also extremely important. Use the best printer and put quality paper in action. Furthermore, there will be always space of improvement so keep working and produce brochure second to none.

What are Brochure Designing Hidden Facts and Figures?

There are many hidden things when it comes to the best brochure design. We often meet requirements of designing but forget various fine things which are concerned with it. Let e take you through unrevealed world of brochures today:

  • Paper based brochures started in the year 1849 in England.
  • Along with paper, brochures are also printed on cloths.
  • After start in UK, brochure based information started spreading in the other countries of Europe.
  • India tasted first of its brochures in the year of 1912 when a British governor printed message for people.
  • It was year of 1914, when brochures came in action for the spread of information in the First World War.
  • Later on various advancements came in brochures till year 1930 as it has got colorful then
  • Many freedom fighters like MK Gandhi, Nehru, Subhash Chandra etc also used the same medium for the information conveying.
  • Till 1950, there was no commercial use of brochures as it was informative only.
  • After year 1960, Indian film industry Bollywood also started use of brochures.
  • In 1970, colored photos came in brochures.
  • Till 1980, there were revolutionary moves in the field of brochure designing.
  • First time, in the year of 1988, a brochure designer company came in India. It was Delhi not Bangalore.
  • In 2015, brochures have become an integral part of business.
  • All business sectors namely real estate, IT companies etc are using brochures.

We have tried to collect some of the unknown aspects of the Creative Brochure Design here. Hope you enjoyed.

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